4 A Time Being EP - Cheko7even

4 A Time Being - the new 4-track EP, written and produced by Cheko7even. A reflection on memory and living in two places at once.

Missing LinX - SpaXe Camels LP

The sophmore album from the mighty Missing Linx, SpaXe Camels, produced entirely by Cheko7even and features the impeccable Prufrock Shadowrunner, Just Jamaal and Cannon2x, is an poetic and music odyssey into 4 minds that are uniquely their own, yet share the sonicspace seemlessly. When poetic sophistication meets real life and real hip-hop.


— Thirst Trap Mixtape —

The Thirst Trap Mixtape is 11-tracks of the blood and gore healing. The art of haunting, love, sickness and wrath. Come hydrate and convelesce.

— iStorm —

Listen to the self-produced single. Got get your shit and c'mon, Let's go. Right now!

— Comme Ca Music Video —

The last track of the legendary compilation one producer art exhibit, SNDTRK Vol.1 by the prolific Quest from Dreamland Studios, gets a visual treatment. On Est La.


Produced by Jeepz, G.Grand and Hyf aka Cheko7even go back and forth on this Cap City Classic.

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